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Types of House Plants That Are Easy to Maintain

Do you have trouble keeping plants alive? If so, you are not alone. Many people find it challenging to grow and maintain plants. Luckily, some houseplants are easy to grow and perfect for those that don’t have a green thumb. Let’s learn more about these hard-to-kill plants.



Yucca is a beautiful houseplant that is unique looking. Its deep green leaves add contrast to any room and help improve the air quality inside your home. Yucca simply loves the sun and does best in direct sunlight. It should be planted in a deep container and watered sparingly.


Another popular plant that can easily be grown indoors is aloe. There are many different varieties of aloe to choose from so finding one that you like won’t be hard. Aloe has many health benefits and the juice from the plant can be used to treat sunburns. This plant thrives when placed in indirect sunlight and should be watered once a week.

Christmas Cactus

This beautiful plant has been grown by generations of Americans. It is an extremely popular plant and in fact, you might even find one growing in your grandmother’s window. Christmas cactus is a hearty plant that is easy to care for. It doesn’t require daily watering and it puts on beautiful blooms of red, white, pink, or purple during December.

Snake Plant


Last, but certainly not least, we have the snake plant. This houseplant with its funny name is one of the easiest plants to care for. To keep this plant looking great, simply water it a few times a month. Many people who grow this species claim that it can go without water for an entire month without affecting the health of the plant.

As you can see, these houseplants are easy to care for and they don’t require a lot of effort for them to thrive. So, if you would like to add beauty to your home, why not consider adding some of these plants to your living space?

Bonsai Culture and Care of Miniature Trees

It is great that you buy a Bonsai tree for your home, but you need to take good care of it; else you won’t get a perfectly grown tree. The most important thing is to pick up the right species of tree that is appropriate for your environment.

Grow and cultivate trees

You can buy a preBonsai which you need to prune and wire. You should choose a species that fits your surroundings. If you want to keep the tree indoors, you need to acquire tropical trees. But if you want to keep it outside, then non-tropical trees will be perfect. However, you need to protect the tree from sunlight and cold temperature. You can buy a ready made Bonsai tree from online stores. You will get trees of various shapes and sizes. You can also buy a preBonsai which you need to shape yourself.

Shaping and styling methods

After you have cultivated the tree, you should start shaping and styling it. It is the most difficult part of growing Bonsai. The pruning and wiring techniques used for Bonsai are much refined now. Pruning is important to keep the shape of the tree and style it. Spring and summer are the best seasons for pruning. A good concave cutter will make the pruning job easier. You should know which branches to prune. If two branches have the same height, then you should cut one. You should get rid of branches that have unnatural twists and turns. If there are thick branches on top of the tree, then you should get rid of them. You should wire the Bonsai to get it into a good shape. You can wrap anodized aluminum around branches. It makes it easier to bend and shape it.

Care and maintenance

Maintenance of Bonsai is very important. You need to water the plant properly. The frequency of watering depends on the species of the tree, soil, and climate. Over-watering may cause the root to rot. They can dry up easily as they are grown in small pots. You should choose the right mixture of soil and re-pot the tree regularly. Proper fertilization is also important. The type of fertilizer you would use depends on the species of the tree.

You should never buy an outdoor tree to keep indoors. It will kill the plant. With proper maintenance, you can get a beautiful looking Bonsai in your house.