Different Styles of Gardens

The delightful season of spring is a few days ahead! If plant life has found a dear place in your heart, then now lies the perfect time to start working on your garden. For many individuals, selecting a garden style may not seem of great importance. While “at the moment gardening” without any intention or consideration of style and other gardening principles may still grow to be beautiful, it is best to analyse your living environment’s landscape and plan and plant your garden accordingly. There are various styles of gardens that will get you started on a garden that you can be pleased with, and we are delighted to share a few with you.

Contemporary Gardens

This type of garden style’s beauty is that it can be applied to large and small spaces or gardens. This unique style of gardening follows strict use of space budding into beautiful colours of neat and crisp rows of plant life. Usually, with a more linear and contour style, this garden type adds simple but modernistic elegance to the environment.

Small Gardens

Many people may argue that small gardens are some of the most difficult to design. However, there are various ways to make full use of a small space and put together a desirable garden. A small garden will require you to get creative and think outside of the box. Growing plants on shelves, fences, or walls is a wonderful idea for a small space, which creates an environment that is serene and possibly lively.

Urban Gardens

For individuals that reside in the city, garden spaces and opportunity may be minimal. Outdoor spaces tend to be used for multiple purposes; therefore, gardening should be structured to make use of specific spaces. Gardening on different height levels, walls and hanging pots are excellent ways to create a beautiful space while facilitating other activities.

Cottage Gardens

Cottage gardens are a typical English style of gardens. The beauty of this style of garden is that it can quite simply be adjusted to fit an urban environment. Cottage gardens have a history of people making use of their space to grow flowers and vegetables and fruits. This style is still common today but with only vast amounts of flowers and plants beautifully abiding on narrow corridors and pathways. At the same time, cottage gardens may have a wildlife style; they are still groomed with structure and discipline with the application of patterned colour and hedging.

After selecting a design that best suits your environment, you can include more creative elements in your gardening plots. Different styles of pots or objects such as small statues, rocks or fountains are ideal ways to create a beautiful balance in the gardening space. Selecting a suitable style while adding unique elements that reflect your personality may be easier said than done. However, we guarantee that it will be a rewarding experience when the full-blown spring season invites your plants to display their colour and beauty boldly.

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