Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Your Garden

With the correct lighting and outdoor garden design, you can completely transform an average garden into a pleasant outdoor haven that you’ll want to relax in day and night. A creative outdoor lighting idea might be what your garden needs to make the area atmospheric and inviting during evening and nighttime.

Playing around with different styles and lighting products can illuminate your outdoor area with a warm and cosy glow at dusk. Several options include mini lanterns, floor spotlights, fairy lights on trees or walkway lamps, to mention a few. Picking the proper lighting can highlight key features in your garden, add a personal touch to your favourite space and draw attention to the garden’s main feature.

To help you design your ideal outdoor garden, we have included the best outdoor lighting ideas that are on-trend right now.

Accentuate your favourite plants with a rope light

If you have a favourite flowerbed or plant that you have spent endless hours working on during the summer, then you can illuminate any garden patch and make them stand out with rope light. Running the rope light along the edge can help you shape and give your plants a chance to glow even during the colder seasons.

Weave plants and trees with fairy lights

You can utilise fairy lights or outdoor Christmas lights by wrapping them around trees, plants or structures around the garden. Whichever option you opt for, a string of outdoor fairy lights can bring the very best of your trees and create a magical scene during the night. It’s low in maintenance and great for value.

Illuminate your pathways with floor lights

Aside from its practical and safety purposes, floor lighting positioned in your garden pathways can invite your guest to make their way around your garden and fully experience its entirety. Floor lights are great alternatives if you’re not a fan of posts or stake lights and prefer a subtle and minimal design footprint.

Mix and match different light bulb shapes and elevate them at different heights

If you’re into retro or vintage garden lighting styles, mixing and matching your light bulb shapes adds depth and a sense of spontaneity to the environment. Combining various features from quirky string lights to different sized lanterns adds a whimsical and playful atmosphere in your garden, helping you and your guest feel relaxed and cosy.

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