What to Plant in Your Fall Vegetable Garden

You should make plans for fall planting well ahead. It is better to start preparing for fall in summer. You need to allow a lot of time for the seeds and plants to grow. It is important to know the first frost date in your areas so that you can make your gardening plans. Here are some plants you can have for your fall vegetable garden.


You should plant the seedlings 10 weeks before the first frost date. It is better to plant them during the last hot summer days. You should mulch around them so that the ground remains cool and moist. You should use a low nitrogen fertilizer. It will take about 70 days to mature.

Brussels Sprouts

These are the best vegetable for fall gardens. They taste really good in the cool weather. You should set the plants in mid-summer. It takes three months for the sprouts to appear. You can harvest them when they are firm and green. It takes 90 days to mature,


You should plant the seedlings six to eight weeks before the first frost. You should give the seedlings protection from the sun. Fertile soil is required for cabbage to grow. It takes 70 days to mature.


You must plant the seedlings of cauliflower six to eight weeks before the first frost. It is a bit hard to grow cauliflower. It requires rich soil and consistent watering. If there are fluctuations in temperature and inadequate nutrients and moisture, then cauliflowers won’t grow to the proper size. It takes 60 days to mature.


You should sow seeds in the late summer. The seedlings require consistent moisture and shade from the sun. It takes 45 to 60 days to harvest.

You should find out the number of days to maturity of a plant to determine when to plant it. The vegetables just mentioned are appropriate to plant in the fall season.

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