Small Garden Furniture

Every garden is different, and we all have our style of garden decorating. When you have a small patio or garden, you would want to utilise and make the most of your limited space, and with the right garden furniture, even the smallest of gardens can seem much bigger and more inviting. Here at Hastings Garden Centre, we have made a guide on ways to incorporate small garden furniture into your garden.

Minimalist garden for space-saving solutions

A minimal garden makes use of limited design elements by creating a simple, uncluttered relaxing environment. To achieve a clean look, you can limit objects in your surroundings by opting for folding chairs and folding table.

Folding furniture is a great way to maximise and extend your space, and it’s perfect for summer events, and spares can be used to accommodate a guest. These can easily be stored and taken out of storage instantly, and they will make your garden look peaceful from the view inside your home.

Family Garden Bench

Picnic benches are perfect for large open gardens since they can be placed against a wall. Garden benches are great for families as they allow you to participate in fun activities in the central area and give the kids plenty of space to move around freely.

Traditional wooden benches are available in different colours, shapes and sizes that can cater to other occasions. A round style bench is perfect for small gatherings, whilst a straight bench can come in handy for compact-sized gardens.

Bistro Style area

Cafe style furniture and bistro sets can give a small garden a designated spot to sit and catch up with friends and family without taking up too much space. A bistro set will have at least two chairs and a table with various designs made with lightweight metal and slim components, which helps to create a compact space that feel large and spacious.

If you want to opt for a bar-style environment for outdoor events and gatherings, raised bar stools on skinny legs will keep the floor clear and allow light to pass through, creating an airy and space-enhancing aesthetic for your garden.

Outdoor dining with garden tables and chairs

A sturdy garden chair and table set is the most popular furniture choice to turn your patio into a sunny social gathering area. Larger spaces are perfect for complete seating sets. You can co-ordinate your set with matching chairs, sofas and tables, and there’s plenty of options for colour scheme, designs and furniture size to choose from.

For a less permanent option, a metal pergola is ideal for occasional parties and bbq with friends and families since they can create a cosy outdoor living area where you can place sofas and tables. The added protection and shelter from a pergola makes it easy to accessories the space with outdoor cushions and lighting to create an ambient and relaxing atmosphere.

Whichever garden furniture you buy, make sure to invest in a decent furniture set that will last you for many years to come. Always cover your furniture or store them inside during the winter when it is not used to elongate their lifespan and keep them in the best condition.

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