Winter Planting

Planting during the winter months can be pretty quiet as most plants aren’t able to grow during these times. However, it doesn’t mean you should stop gardening and planting. There are other ways you can still enjoy gardening during the winter. Below are different ways you can continue to enjoy gardening during the winter months.

Tidying your greenhouse

Your greenhouse will most likely be empty around winter, which is why it’s the perfect time to tidy up the space in your greenhouse. You could organise your gardening tools or prepare for spring and summertime by making more space. You can also decorate your conservatory by planting a pot of succulents and have them as decoration around your greenhouse.

Flowery plants

Not all plants are dormant during this time of the year. There are many plants with flowers that bloom during winter. Head over to your nearest garden store and get yourself some plants that thrive in the winter months. These plants include the winter jasmine, winter iris, hellebores, winterberry and snowdrops. These plants can make your garden looking new and alive even in this season.

Help wildlife

Winter can be hard on wildlife. For example, garden birds will have a hard time looking for food or water. You can help feed them by laying out bird foods in your garden or trees. The bees also suffer during these times. Making your garden bee-friendly can help them survive the harsh winter months.

Winter vegetables

Some vegetables thrive during the winter. It includes leeks, Brussels, kale, parsnips and cabbages. If you fancy growing some of these vegetables, winter is the perfect time to plant them.

Bare root plants

Bare root plants do well during the winter. These are plants that are sold without soil around the roots. You will find that many fruit trees and bushes are sold this way.

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